24. August 2018

Pack your things cleverly: What is essential for your hiking backpack?

The hiking area of Hoch-Imst offers a dense network of varied routes for mountain enthusiasts of all ages, active people, real athletes and those who prefer a more leisurely pace. The most important tour equipment is your hiking backpack. But what should be inside? Take a look at this Pack Checklist for day hikes.

Basically, there are four things that should not be missing if you are in the mountains:

  • Emergency equipment
  • Heat and cold protection
  • Enough to drink 
  • Energy-boosting snacks 

The emergency equipment consists of a first aid kit, a mobile phone with a fully charged battery and a hiking map or GPS device for orientation. Important and easy to remember: The alpine emergency number for mountain rescue is 140. The mountain rescue app is recommended for mobile phones. Ideally - depending on the duration and difficulty of the hike - a bivouac bag is also part of the emergency equipment.

Don't forget to bring drinks & stop for a bite to eat

On a hiking tour you should never forget to take enough to drink with you. For a short tour water is just perfect. If you plan a longer hike you better choose fruit juices mixed with water or isotonic drinks. A good snack with bread - that ideally provides a lot of energy - is also an essential part of hiking. To avoid that your backpack is too heavy, you are strongly recommended to stop at one of the quaint huts in the Hoch-Imst hiking area.

Perfectly equipped in all weather

Essential for a hiking tour in the Tirolean mountains: protection against heat and cold. More exactly: a thin cap and gloves as well as spare clothes and a rain jacket are inside your backpack. Also think about sun protection: a cap or something that covers your head, sunscreen and high-quality sunglasses.

Finally you are on the mountain! If you need something from your backpack now, you don't want to go through forever. That's why it's really worth packing your things cleverly. At the very bottom: spare clothes, rain jacket and - depending on the weather - further protection against the cold. So the bottom is well padded. In the center or in the back area: first aid kit, bivouac bag, gloves and cap. In the front part: snacks, water bottle, sunscreen and sun protection. Easily and quickly to find, preferably in the front pocket (lid): mobile phone and hiking trail map. Put other small aids and kits - such as blister plasters, a small pocket knife and some cash - in the lid pocket in order to find them quickly.

Packed everything? 
If you take a look at these useful tips, your hiking trip to Hoch-Imst will be a truly relaxing one.