08. August 2017

Once is not enough

Exciting review by Rosanna Battisti

The Alps' longest roller coaster in Hoch-Imst is about 3,535 meters long. And you can easily get addicted. Every time you enjoy a thrilling downhill ride there are new highlights to discover.

The first ride:

My stomach probably tingles a bit as I get into the sleek bob. Nervousness increases, I am waiting anxiously for the traffic light turning "green". Before starting, I read the information sign: Keep your distance! I'm wondering if I'll ever go this fast in such a small vehicle.

Here we go:

Sitting on the coaster, I conquer some 500 meters of difference in altitude in a few minutes. It's really fast and speedy, I prefer to slow down a bit. I hope the one behind me will keep enough distance! I am riding over bridges and I lean - quite fearlessly - into the curves and bends. Of course, nothing can happen to me, the toboggans are firmly anchored to the robust rail. Nevertheless, I have the feeling that I have to steer a bit.

Deeply impressed
Slowly but surely I become daring enough: the vehicles can reach up to 40 km/h. I am scooting through the forest and over little waves, followed by a long bridge which is six meters high. Even in the last part the pace remains fairly sporty: steep turns and waves in a row.

Now I am already excited about the last highlight, a new roundabout. My toboggan makes a 450-degree turn in a quite challenging height of ten meters right at start! I hold even tighter onto the handle in front of me but then I've finally returned to the valley floor. At a distance I can make out the finish area: so quickly?

After the premiere it's a foregone conclusion:
I want to experience it again, then maybe a bit faster. Next to my chair lift a lift transports the coaster sledges up the mountain: there is no rest for them either..

The second ride is a must 
In the second round I dare to risk a bit more as I already know the hilarious route. At least I try to gain more speed on the longer and straight stretches without turns. But I am still not courageous enough to ride consistently fast. Additionally, I'm not alone on the coaster and so I have to be considerate towards other adventure-seeking people. The jumps definitely promise more action than before: I look forward to every wave and especially to the roundabout at the very end. Since I'm at the wheel myself, it's much more fun than on a normal roller coaster.

Frequent riders have more fun!

I summarize: I enjoyed the roller coaster twice more. One time because I really wanted to enjoy the track with all its fantastic views and nature experiences. One time as a farewell round.
What is sure is that I'll definitely be back very soon!

For frequent Alpine Coaster rides in Hoch-Imst there is a convenient book of 3 or 10, on request in combination with the lift ride.
Clear the ground for repeaters!