07. Dezember 2017

Respectful togetherness: ski tourers and ski resort

12 secrets of a successful coexistence of the ski resort and ski tourers

Hoch-Imst enforces a policy of mutual respect between ski tourers and the ski resort. This works very well if the mountain railway, skiers and ski tourers all look out for one another and the safety instructions and rules are observed from all sides. Read on to find out everything a ski tourer needs to know
before coming to Hoch-Imst.

Many ski tourers find this particular sport appealing as a means of condition training, or as the fastest, most accessible way to explore the mountains. Other benefits include the possibility to practice the sport in the evenings after work and the safety aspect (low risk of avalanches or adverse weather conditions). The number of people practising this sport has increased sharply over the past years. This is particularly the case in ski resorts close to urban areas, such as Hoch-Imst. In the past, this has led to unpleasant and sometimes life-threatening situations. However, these could easily be prevented through a little understanding for and respect towards others.

All on the same piste

Imster Bergbahnen is committed to helping ski tourers and strives to establish a peaceful coexistence between the ski resort, skiers and ski tourers. This commitment is laid out in a brochure issued by Koch Lapin GmbH and sponsored by the state of Tyrol and Alpine associations in the area, entitled 'Ski Touring in the Metropolitan Area of Innsbruck - Safe and Fair'. The brochure has been put together for the benefit of all parties concerned. Quite often, those who enjoy a spot of ski touring in the evening are the same people who bring their families to the slopes for skiing the next day.

+ A special privilege
Every Friday, the slopes are lit up and ski tourers have exclusive access to the slopes without the ski lift.

+ Branching out
The Ursprungweg and the route over Opferstock provide ski tourers with two different routes which run parallel to the ski slopes.

+ Setting the mood
You'll find the Ursprungweg bathed in romantic torch light on Wednesday nights.

+ No extra charges
All winter sports enthusiasts enjoy free parking.

+ Special discount
Ski lift passes are available at a reduced rate for ski tourers.

+ All the information you need in one place
An informational brochure for ski tourers and snowshoe hikers is issued once a year.

A pledge for fairness in sports

Nowadays, skiers have reached a certain level of acceptance toward ski tourers. For everyone's safety, it is necessary for ski tourers to adjust their pace and leave enough distance to avoid any hikers walking across the slopes.
By following simple guidelines and keeping an eye out on the slopes, all ski tourers can contribute to creating a peaceful atmosphere and ensuring that everyone is able to have fun in these beautiful surroundings. This also enables Hoch-Imst to continue to provide the range of activities that are currently on offer.

+ An important note on safety:
For your own safety, always access the slopes from the edges

+ Single file
Walk in single file rather than two abreast in order to leave enough room for those coming down the slopes.

+ Zebra crossing? Think again!
Only cross the slopes in areas where there is high visibility and do so as quickly as possible.

+ Climbing the slopes without interruption
Please use alternative routes for climbing up the slopes where these are available (for example, Ursprungweg in Hoch-Imst).

+ A matter of life or death 
Always pay attention to the safety instructions and closing times of the pistes - no exceptions. The closing times of the pistes are there to allow the mountain railway sufficient time to make the necessary preparations. At the Hoch-Imst ski resort, these preparations are sometimes carried out using a cable winch. Failure to adhere to closing times can lead to life-threatening situations. Watch following video on the dangers of ski touring on the piste (in German).

+ Safe & Fair
In order to avoid any accidents or misunderstandings, it is recommended that visitors take a look at, issued by the Österreichischer Kuratoriums für Alpine Sicherheit (Austrian Board for Alpine Safety) „10 recommendations for piste tourers“ 

Think ahead, act fairly

We would like to reach an amicable acceptance between all those practising winter sports at Hoch-Imst. Let’s keep winter sports fun and enjoyable for everyone involved!