The best spots for holiday snaps and selfies

The hiking region in Hoch-Imst has a lot to offer. With as many photo opportunities as there are trees in the surrounding woods, which are the ideal locations for taking the most memorable pictures? We've put together a list of the best spots for you.



Located just at the exit of the Alpjoch cable car next to the comfy wooden sun loungers, the SunOrama viewing deck offers stunning views of Imst and the surrounding mountainscape. The webcam on the roof of the SunOrama provides a sneak preview of the views. Perfect for: Relaxed selfies, panorama shots, a selfie in front of the mountain scenery.



A must for all photography enthusiasts: This steel construction overlooking the steep precipice of the mountain is the place for a landscape photo, selfie, or group shot. Spectacular mountain scenery included. The Adlerhorst platform is not far from the SunOrama, just around the corner from the mountain station.


Alpine Coaster

You definitely won't want to miss the chance to capture memories of a fun-filled ride on the longest alpine roller-coaster in the world. Selfies before the ride begins or shots taken by relatives at the end are the most popular among our visitors. Photography during the ride is strictly forbidden for safety reasons.



Literally 'fool's crossing', this little spot at the bottom of the Platteinwiese (about a 45 minute walk from the Latschenhütte) is a real hidden jewel. The view of Imst, Inntal and Gurgltal against the scenery of the mountains is breathtaking.


Rosengarten gorge

As you wander through the natural treasures surrounding the centre of Imst, you are sure to find yourself grabbing for the camera should you stumble upon this dramatic gorge. There are beautiful images to be captured with every step. Don't miss: The magnificent waterfall, the rock tunnels, and a unique opportunity to glimpse the parish church of Imst from within the gorge.


The blue grotto 'terrace'

The blue grotto lies at the end of the Rosengarten gorge. Once you enter, stick to the right (walk against the daylight) and be sure to mind your head! Just outside the grotto, you'll find a little terrace on the Schinderbach river, which runs down through the Rosengarten gorge.



Whether you're by the brook, climbing the rock face, in the legendary Hexenkuchl rock or taking a selfie with one of the wooden figures along the route, there are endless photo opportunities on the wild, romantic trail between Untermarkter Alm and Latschenhütte.


Swimming lake Hoch-Imst

This lake is not only perfect for cooling off and a quick swim: The reflections of the mountains and trees reflected in the lake also make for an idyllic photo.



This gigantic tree is a protected spruce near the slope of the Malchbach ski-lift. It takes three fully grown men or more to encircle the tree with their arms! The tree's namesake, Almkönig-Steig, also runs right by this spot.



 Imst's best-kept secret and paradise for nature and landscape photographers is not easy to find. The Seebrig area stretches westwards just north of the Muttekopfhütte. Tucked away in the troughs of the mountains, this broad, cotton grass moor borders a small lake.


Family Park

Bungy trampolines, a quadbike track, and play area... Kids and the young at heart can really let off steam here, creating moments you will want to capture forever. You can also take great action shots on a memorable segway trip or on our E-bike track.


On th lift

And last but not least, there's always the chance to get a classic selfie on the lift.