The 10 most frequently asked questions!

 Alpine Coaster FAQ

How old must my child be to ride the Alpine Coaster? 
Children from age 3 can ride the coaster.

How old must kids be to ride alone?
Kids can ride alone from age 8. They must also be at least 1.25-m tall (4'2"). 

When is the last ride downhill?
At 5:00 p.m.

Can you bring backpacks, hiking sticks, and the like on the Alpine Coaster? 
No, but we offer free transport for your gear with the lift. 

Does the Alpine Coaster run when it's raining?

What is the maximum speed of the Alpine Coaster?
Maximum speed is 40 km/h (ca 25 mph).

Are two people allowed in the same sled?
Yes, except for when it's raining. People weighing more than 110 kg (242 lbs) must ride alone. 

Can I bring my pet on the Alpine Coaster? 
No! The Alpine Coaster is not safe for pets.

What distance must I keep to the Coaster ahead of me? 
In dry conditions, at least 25 meters (85 ft), and at least 50 meters (160 ft) by rain.

How long is the Alpine Coaster track?
It is 3.5-km long. Strecke beträgt 3,5 km (ca 2,2 miles). That makes it the world's longest alpine roller coaster! 

Rosengarten gorge – a natural gem

Wild and untouched natural beauty – just a few steps from center Imst, visitors can admire the gorgeous landscape of the Rosengarten (rose garden) gorge that has been formed by the powerful element water. 

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The 10 most frequently asked questions!

 Alpine Coaster FAQ