Goats, sheep, donkeys, rabbits and hens: They are all inhabitants of the new Alpine zoo, which attracts visitors to the hiking area of Hoch-Imst. The new highlight for families is located near the Obermarkter Alm. Oben from 1 June until 1 October. 

The alpine zoo can easily be reached via the existing hiking trail network from the middle station of the Imster Bergbahnen (30 minutes walk), from the Latschenhütte downhill (10 minutes) or via the Opferstockweg from Hoch-Imst (1.5 hours). Elevations around the enclosures ensure that even very young children can be fully involved.

Hiking tipp
From the middle station over the Jägersteig to the Latschenhütte and over the alp zoo
return to the start of the Alpine Coaster Imst.