The climbing sport is gaining more and more fans in Tyrol, and the area around the Imster Bergbahnen lifts are some of the most popular destinations. The terrain around the climbing areas in Imst are also perfect for family excursions.   

Climbing heaven in Imst

The Imst region is a well-known favorite among mountaineers and climbers. It is also home-court for world champions like Angela Eiter, Bettina Schöpf and Katharina Posch. Imst is also a co-founding member of the climbing platform Climbers Paradise that catalog all the great climbing opportunities in Tyrol. The conditions of the Muttekopf region are especially suitable for novices and families with children. The short Waterfall via ferrata has safety features that make it vincible for everybody. 

All climbing attractions at a glance

Difficulty level
Latschenturm5+ to 10-35
Muttekopfhütte3 to 955
Reithle6 to 1059
Guggerköpfle5 to 9-34
Engelkarturm4 to 79
Hintere Plattein4+ to 710
Putzen3 to 726
Blaue Köpfe4 to 712
Silberwurz and Fölsefescht3 to 735

In climbing heaven Tyrol originates from Imst and is today the main climbing information platform for Tyrol. Browse topographies, difficulty levels, reviews, and much more.

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