The water in the small natural lake in Hoch-Imst is of drinking quality, and a great place to hang out a hot summer day. It simply feels wonderful to cool down after a day of hiking the mountains of Hoch-Imst and riding the Alpine Coaster.

Badesee mit Liegewiese in Hoch-Imst

The lake is located just a few minutes' walk from the Imster Bergbahnen parking lot. It's a wonderful place to hang out – some come here after other activities, and other spend the entire day at the lake. And the best thing is that it's free! 

Sommeridylle am Badesee

Family tip

The terrain surrounding the Hoch-Imst lake is great for fun and games for all ages of children. If you want more attractions, visit Albin's Play Park and go for a ride on the Alpine Coaster – both just around the corner. There are also many restaurants and snack stands to explore when you get hungry. 

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