Orienteering – the sport for body and mind: Here you put your navigational skills to a test. The goal is to find the right trail through the beautiful landscape of Hoch-Imst with the help of a map and a compass; something that requires both stamina and smarts. Starting at the mid station or the summit station, search for the control points to get your stamp and find your way around the circuit.

Orienteering mit den Imster Bergbahnen

How it works ...

In the terrain between Hoch-Imst and the Untermarkter Alm, there are control points installed on wooden posts with red and white flags and needle punches. These control points are marked with purple circles on the topographical maps. There are three differents orienteering routes inHoch-Imst.

Orienteering mit den Imster Bergbahnen

Nature is calling ...

The controls are marked on the exact points on the map, but the path there is not so obvious. The goal is to find the controls in the order they are marked on the map. This is lots of fun for people who enjoy nature and adventures. No run is the same, and you face new challenges every time.

for beginners

  • Turn the map until it matches the terrain.

  • Look for the first control point (number) on the map and decide the best route to get there according to the map. Then start running. 

  • When you reach the control point, make sure that it is the correct one by matching the numbers on the control and on the map. 

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