The region surrounding the Imster Bergbahnen lifts offers many hiking routes in absolutely unique environments. Choose between leisurely strolls through forests and over alpine meadows, adventurous family excursions and challenging mountain tours in high alpine terrain. 

The family-friendly Hoch-Imst hiking region is located in the Lechtal alps. The well-developed network of varied hiking trails and the diverse terrain ranging from soft moors to craggy rock offer perfect conditions for all age groups, fitness  and skill levels.

Power source region Muttekopf

Most of the Muttekopf region is above the forest line, and low shrub moors, flowers, scree, and cushion plants dominate the terrain. The rich soil on the marlstone and sandstone supports a remarkably plentiful fauna. One delightful attraction is the Seebrig region. In a basin on the south side of the Muttekopf is a charming cottongrass moor that is traditionally used for sheep summer grazing. There is also a good chance to observe wild ibexes in the surrounding rocks walls.

Rosengarten gorge – a natural gem

Wild and untouched natural beauty – just a few steps from center Imst, visitors can admire the gorgeous landscape of the Rosengarten (rose garden) gorge that has been formed by the powerful element water. 

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