News on the building project: The town of Imst, the Imster Bergbahnen and Imst Tourismus are partners in building a new lift system in Hoch-Imst. Two new sections with 10-seater single-cable gondolas are being built to the Untermarkter Alm and the Alpjoch. The new lifts are scheduled to go into operation at the start of the winter season 21/22 on 17 December 2021.


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The most important facts about the new construction of the Imster Bergbahnen

Looking back and ahead

The technical systems of the Imster Bergbahnen have provided valuable service for many years: The Untermarkter-Alm lift has been in operation since its year of construction in 1991. The Alpjoch-Bahn was bought second-hand.

  • After it was first installed in 1987, it has been in operation in Imst since 1995.

  • Despite a valid operating permit and license, the lift systems in Hoch-Imst have reached the end of their operation cycle.

Summer operation 2021

  • The Untermarkter-Alm lift, the Alpine Coaster and the huts are open daily from 21 May to 5 September 2021! (Subject to changes!)

  • The building works for the Alpjoch-Bahn lift will start after the winter season, the building works for the Untermarkter-Alm-Bahn after the summer season. The Drischlsteig path and the Alpjoch-Bahn are closed during the summer of 2021.


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The new lifts run on the same route as before

The station buildings of the  valley and the mountain stations as well as the route remain largely unchanged. The 20-seater UAlm gondola and the 10-seater Alpjoch-Bahn will run separately, but share the station building.

The advantages of a gondola

  • Access at ground level provides barrier-free access for seniors, families with toddlers and people with disabilities.

  • The change from the Untermarkter-Alm-Bahn to the Alpjoch-Bahn in the station building will also be  barrier-free.

  • An uncomplicated transport of prams and bikes will be possible.

  • Independence from the weather – particularily important for guests of the Alpine Coaster in the period from May to late October.

  • Safe transport of several children possible (ski courses, ski clubs, kindergarten children, school children…).

Gondolas are economically advantageous over chairlifts

The gondolas offer significant cost advantages over the entire operation duration:

  • Gondolas allow greater spacing between supports and therefore lower construction costs up to the  Alpjoch, as part of the initial investment.

  • The lower number of gondolas compared to chairs also leads to a reduction in the on-going maintenance costs.

Important novelty:

Workshop and garages:
The Imster Bergbahnen will have a suitable workshop for carrying out maintenance work on piste equipment and system components.


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Technical details

The new UAlm-Bahn

The new Alpjoch-Bahn

Manufacturer: Doppelmayr

type: 10-seater monocable gondola

transport performance/h: 1600-2000

Haul rope Ø:48 mm 

Max. Speed: 6 M/sec

riding time: 8 min.

42-52 Gondolas

13 Supports

type: 10-seater monocable gondola

transport performance/h: 1000

8 Supports

maximum speed: 5m/sec

riding time: 7 min.

20 gondolas

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