Looking for exciting alternatives? Then try an orienteering run!

Stamina and brain power required

If you are walking or hiking in the area between Hoch-Imst and Untermarkte Alm, you will probably meet them: sporty runners equipped with a compass and a trail map, searching for the next checkpoint and
the best cross-country route in Alpine terrain.

Die Laufsportart „Orienteering“
Orienteering" ranks among the most trendy running sports. This activity has its origins in Scandinavia. It combines physical fitness and mental performance. In the early 1990s, the first orienteering clubs were founded in Tirol. In Hoch-Imst you will find a permanent network comprising three different routes. All three routes are ideal for beginners: "This trendy sport is suitable for all ages. The simplified map of Hoch-Imst is just perfect for absolute beginners who want to give orienteering a try," explains Maria Luise Schnegg from Tirol's most popular orienteering club (Laufklub Kompass Innsbruck Imst). "You can conquer the routes at a leisurely pace. Be it a pleasure-seeking runner or elite runner, there is something for everyone." The tours are clearly designed and it is possible to reach the Alpine Coaster for a thrilling downhill ride. A fact that also inspires families.

Das wichtigste Equipment beim Orientierungslauf ist die Karte:
The most important equipment for an orienteering run is the map:
In most cases, customized orienteering maps are used - they differ from topographical maps by the number of details. "Particularly striking points are marked separately in these maps," explains Schnegg. The corresponding maps are available at the base station of Imster Bergbahnen. On the special map you will also find restricted or closed areas, plenty of extra information and the checkpoints, but not the exact route how to reach them. Finding the best route as fast as possible is the big challenge of this outstanding activity.

Orienteering Karte

„It's not enough to find all checkpoints within the area. You must discover them in the right order,“ the expert says. Each location has a number and must be pinched exactly. So you can control the right order at the very end. „In real competitions the athletes are equipped with chip cards and run past the checkpoints,“ reveals Schnegg.

A compass, the second important tool, helps to find the right route: it is absolutely required to align the map and to target the fastest way from one checkpoint to the next.

„Orienteering also trains your nerves and concentration, especially if you take part in competitions. I myself have learned that map reading is simply a matter of practice.“

Maria Luise Schnegg,

Laufklub Kompass Innsbruck Imst