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tobogganing in Hoch-Imst

The speedy ride on one of the two natural toboggan runs in Hoch-Imst is a special experience for the young and old. You can get to the start position either conveniently with the new 10-seater panorama lift or actively on foot. Depending on your mood, you can get down again in the sunshine or the moonlight.

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Tobogganing in Imst

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Familie beim Rodeln auf der Untermarkter Alm
Untermarkter Alm Toboggan Run
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Untermarkter Alm Toboggan run

  • Natural toboggan run
  • Lenghth: 4km
  • Altitude gain: 500m
  • Start: Untermarkter Alm / mid-station
  • Floodlit: WED, FRI & SAT*

The Untermarkter Alm toboggan run has been awarded with the quality seal of the Tyrolean tobogganing association: Young and old alike can whiz safely down into the valley. The start is at the Imster Bergbahnen mid-station, where you get out of the gondola and right onto your toboggan and then off to the next round! For even more winter feeling, take a walk uphill through the snow-covered winter landscape high above Imst.

Rodeln im Winter in Imst
Obermarkter Alm Toboggan Run
Closed Open

Obermarkter Alm Toboggan run

  • Natural toboggan run
  • Length: 6km
  • Altitude gain: 600m
  • Start: Latschenhütte
  • Moonshine tobogganing: WED, FRI & SAT*

A leisurely 40-minute walk brings you from the Imster Bergbahnen mid-station to the start of the Obermarkter Alm toboggan run. Recharged after a rest stop in the Latschenhütte, you head towards the valley. You get to the Rastbühel bus stop or – from the crossing after the barrier – enjoy an easy hike (approx. 30 minutes, uphill in sections) back to the Hoch-Imst valley station.  


Familie zieht ihre Rodeln über die Rodelbahn zur UAlm in Imst

Toboggan rental

You don’t have your own toboggan or would like to enjoy a spontaneous toboggan run in-between skiing? No problem. At the Hoch-imst ski rental or at the UAlm you are sure to find suitable equipment – and will leave your tobogganing crew behind real fast. 

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MOonshine tobogganing

A tobogganing ride on the Obermartker Alm natural toboggan run stretches over six kilometres. Particularly atmospheric: a moonshine ride under the starry sky. Traditional Tyrolean “race cuisine” is served by the team at the Latschenhütte!


Tobogganing Tickets – Uphill Ride UAlm-Lift

(2003 and older)
Youths + Seniors
(2004 – 2006)
(1958 and older)
(2007 – 2016)
(parents + own children born
2004 – 2016)
1 UAlm uphill ride € 12,10 € 10,60 € 6,60 € 30,80
3 UAlm uphill rides € 34,50 € 30,30 € 18,80 € 87,80
10 UAlm uphill rides € 108,90 € 95,80 € 59,40 € 277,20

REST STOPS and Downhill runs

An essential part of any successful tobogganing excursion is of course recharging in a cosy hut. Luckily there are two of them in the Hoch-Imst tobogganing area: dumplings at the UAlm and sweet “Hüttenschmarrn” (shredded pancakes with raisins and sugar) at the Latschenhütte are only two examples for a delightful break stop. Cold noses are best warmed with a hot cup of tea or a hot chocolate. Ready for the next round?

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The two toboggan runs from the Untermarkter Alm and the Obermarkter Alm in the Tyrol, in combination with the spectacular Alpine Coaster in Imst, make the area a rewarding excursion destination for the whole family. With your own toboggan or rented on site, uphill conveniently with the panorama lift or with a leisurely winter hike – the fun descent with the toboggan or coaster is guaranteed to put a big smile on the faces of the young and old alike. During a tobogganing night, the children’s eyes outshine the stars. If you want to recharge or warm up before the downhill run, the UAlm and the Latschenhütte are perfect to enjoy a convivial stop with traditional delights.