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The region around the Imster Bergbahnen scores with its complete signposting throughout the various trail running routes. The sporting pleasure is quickly combined with the scenic charm of the surrounding mountains. Detailed information enables ambitious runners to plan their training workload precisely.

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The start in Hoch-Imst leads over gentle ground into an alpine forest landscape. Easy ascents and descents provide a varied topography that makes running really fun. No matter whether you are new to the sport or a professional runner.

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Trail Running in Hoch-Imst

When running off paved roads, the focus is not only on top athletic performance but also on balance, body awareness and enjoying nature. Thanks to its varied topography, the Hoch-Imst area is a paradise for trail runners in Tyrol and offers suitable routes for beginners and professionals. For those who enjoy sports, a rest stop at one of the quaint mountain huts is highly recommended. Or at least a short stop at one of the viewpoints.

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