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Peace in hectic times: In the Hoch-Imst hiking area you can find your personal spot to recharge and gain energy. The natural beauty and pristineness of the mountains are a treat for the soul.

reservoir lake

Between the valley and the mid-station, there is a real oasis of peace for relaxing and unwinding. In one of the cosy alpine wicker chairs – a variation of the beach chairs known from the Baltic Sea and the North Sea which have been specifically designed for the Imster Bergbahnen - you can do so perfectly. The water surface is not quite as large, but that isn’t detrimental to the place’s beauty.

TIP: The perfect hiking ambiance with romance factor for lovers, families and nature fans.

Seebrig AREA

Nature lovers and mountain enthusiasts appreciate this magical place a little above and to the west of the Muttekopf hut first and foremost because of the extraordinary landscape. In the centre of a hollow, an extensive cotton grass marsh has developed around a small lake. The area is used as pasture for sheep in the summer. So don't forget your picnic basket to feel like Heidi and Peter on the mountain pasture.

TIP: Nearby, the SunOrama panorama terrace is another worthwhile excursion destination in the Tyrol.

Rosengarten GoRGE

Surrounded by the aerosols of the roaring water, with the tingling of the finest droplets on your face and your gaze fixed on the result of nature’s elemental force, you quickly feel transported to another world in the heart of the Rosengarten gorge. Here, the power of nature has produced an impressive work of art with the elements: a landscape ploughed by white water, with high rock faces towering to the left and right. And all this only a few steps from the centre of the small town of Imst.

TIP: Here even the youngest kids are quiet – the water swallows up every sound.

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Your path to happiness

You can get to all feelgood places in the Hoch-Imst recreational area conveniently by foot or gondola.

10-seater gondola
closed open
10-seater gondola
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Single Ride

Section I Untermarkter Alm / Section II Alpjoch
(2005 and older)
Youths + Seniors
(2006 – 2008)
(1960 and older)
(2009 – 2018)
(parents + own children born
2006 – 2018)
Uphill and Downhill Ride
UAlm-Bahn or Alpjoch-Bahn € 19,00 € 16,70 € 9,90 € 47,9
UAlm-Bahn and Alpjoch-Bahn € 28,60 € 25,10 € 14,90 € 72,00
Uphill or Downhill Ride
UAlm-Bahn or Alpjoch-Bahn € 13,10 € 11,60 € 7,10 € 33,40
UAlm-Bahn and Alpjoch-Bahn € 19,00 € 16,70 € 9,90 € 47,90

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high-energy places & feelgood places

There are many beautiful places in the Tyrol, where you can enjoy nature with all your senses. Some of them can be found in the Hoch-Imst recreational area. The best: Despite being still insiders’ tips, the Seebrig area, the reservoir lake or the Rosengarten gorge which are relatively easy and uncomplicated to get to. On an excursion with kids, it is rewarding to combine a hike with a visit to the bathing lake or a roller coaser ride. Don’t forget a break stop at a hut!

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