rock climbing in the Muttekopf area

It's not only Angy Eiter, the local four-time world champion in sports climbing who feels at home in the Muttekopf area. Throughout the Tyrol, conquering mountains vertically is getting more and more popular. A visit to the Hoch-Imst climbing area can also be optimally combined with a family excursion.

Wanderung ins Reithle in Hoch-Imst

Climbing near a lift

If it is never too steep for you, the Latschenturm climbing crag and the Muttekopf area are perfect destinations for you. Both climbing hotspots can be easily reached without long hikes to get there by taking the Imster Bergbahnen lifts. The huts nearby are enticing to stop and enjoy a break and to recharge.

Kletterer mit Ausrüstung bei einem Klettergarten in Imst

Nature up close

In Hoch-Imst there are climbing routes at all levels of difficulty. Pure nature and fantastic views inclusive. Spectacular rock formations and bizarre mountain massifs meet artificially installed sports climbing routes in different variations. The majority of the varied offers are located in the Muttekopf area.

Gäste beim Kartenspielen auf der Terrasse der Muttekopfhütte


A relaxing break is a must on every successful climbing excursion. In the Hoch-Imst climbing area there are numerous rest stops for a well-deserved break or a relaxing completion of a climbing day. Culinary and location-wise unique: the Muttekopfhütte in the centre of the crags.

Climbers' Eldorado of Imst

Not without reason, the Imst region is considered a top destination among climbing experts. Local climbing idols like Angela Eiter and Katharina Posch laid the foundations of their climbing careers here. As part and foundation site of the Climbers’ Paradise platform, the Tyrolean climbing stronghold relies on an extensive range of routes with first-class maintenance.

A fantastic offer of routes

In particular, families with children and beginners will find perfect conditions for their first attempts at rock climbing in the entire region and especially in the Muttekopf area. The short waterfall via ferrata can be mastered by everyone, provided appropriate safety measures are taken. Have you already caught the climbing fever?

All climbing possibilities at a glance

AreaLevel of Difficulty
Latschenturm5+ to 10-35
Muttekopfhütte3 to 955
Reithle6 to 1059
Guggerköpfle5 to 9-34
Engelkarturm4 to 79
Hintere Plattein4+ to 710
Putzen3 to 726
Blaue Köpfe4 to 712
Silberwurz and Fölsefescht3 to 735

A paradise for rock climbers

The Climbers Paradise has its origin in Imst and is now the largest climbing platform in the Tyrol. This platform offers information on more than 1,500 sports climbing routes in the Tyrol, on a variety of via ferratas, on family-friendly crags, on boulder areas, climbing centres and much more – climbing enthusiasts are spoilt for choice...


High-alpine rock climbing experiences

Tackling a via ferrata means secured rock climbing. It is one of the most exciting mountain sports experiences. The Imst via ferrata is not only truly challenging, but also offers fantastic views and a true nature experience.

Kletterer auf dem Klettersteig in Hoch-Imst


  • Length 800 metres
  • Altitude gain 400 metres
  • Difficulty difficult to very difficult
  • Climbing time 2.5 hours
  • Overall tour time 6 hours

The Imst via ferrata is among the most attractive of its kind in the Tyrol. Equipped with steps and climbing aids, it leads into the midst of high alpine climbing bliss on the Maldonkopf at 2,632m altitude, in the immediate vicinity of the Imster Bergbahnen lifts.

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Klettersteig im Muttekopfgebiet in Imst

Waterfall via ferrata

  • Length 300 metres
  • Difficulty B/C
  • Hike to the start 50 minutes

This modern, short via ferrata is located very close to the Muttekopf hut. With appropriate security measures, it is also suitable for families, children, young people and beginners. Short, but with all the trimmings! The best comes at the end: the reward in the form of homemade dumplings, Schlipfkrapfen (stuffed pasta) or innards at the "Mutte".

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climbing for the whole family

'Tis early practice only ... The waterfall via ferrata at the Muttekopf hut promises climbing fun for the whole family.

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Climbing on 365 days a year

Just like the spectacular and well-developed via ferratas, rock climbing is an absolute highlight for the young and old in the Tyrol. The Hoch-Imst climbing region is known not only for its great number of talented athletes in the field of competitive climbing, but also bouldering is popular. A total of four indoor climbing centres await you in rainy weather and in the winter. The Hoch-Imst region can justifiably call itself a year-round climbing destination.

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