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TIPS & Rules

How to Coaster? Riding an alpine roller coaster is literally child's play. Prerequisite for a smooth fun for children and adults when using the summer toboggan run in Hoch-Imst: driving with foresight, consideration and sufficient distance to the respective person in front or behind!

Start mit dem Alpine Coaster

Trained Staff

Friendly staff are always available to answer questions and assist with boarding and exiting the coasters.

Mutter mit Sohn beim Alpine Coaster


The two side-mounted brake levers allow each passenger to individually determine their own feel-good speed.

Alpine Coaster und Gondel der Imster Bergbahnen im Sommer

riding with foresight

It is important to drive appropriately and with foresight. The speed must be reduced accordingly, especially before curves.

YOUNG Coaster pilots MAY ...

  • get on in company from 3 years+
  • ride on their own from 8 years+ and a height of 1,25 m
  • take a fellow passenger with them from 14 years+

TOP 10 questions

FAQs around the Alpine Coaster Imst

From what age are children allowed to ride the Alpine Coaster?

From the age of three.

From what age and size are children allowed to ride alone?

From eight years old and with a size of 125 centimeters.

When is the last downhill ride?

5:00 p.m.

Are luggage items such as backpacks, hiking poles, etc. allowed on the Alpine Coaster?

No, but there is a free lift transport for backpacks and co. 

Does the Alpine Coaster operate when it rains?


What speed can the Alpine Coaster reach?

The maximum speed is 40 km/h.

Can two people ride in one coaster car?

Yes, except in case of rain. Persons weighing 110kg or more must ride alone.

Are animals like dogs allowed on the Alpine Coaster?


What a distance must be maintained to the coaster riding ahead of me?

At least 25 meters when the track is dry and at least 50 meters when it rains.

How long is the Alpine Coaster track?

The track is 3.5 km. This makes the Alpine Coaster the longest Alpine roller coaster in the world.

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