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the Rosengarten gorge

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20.04.2023 - 30.10.2023

From town into the gorge. Only in Tyrol this is possible. Right from the centre of Imst, the family-friendly hike starts through the natural idyll of the Rosengarten gorge.

Brücke in der Rosengartenschlucht in Imst

on the tracks of the earth's history

On a length of 1,5 kilometers, the Schinderbach brook carves its way from the Blue Grotto through the rocky ridges of the Imst low mountain terraces to the Johanneskirche church. In the process, the water overcomes an altitude difference of 250 meters. For geologists the eroded formations are silent witnesses to millions of years of earth history. For everyone else, the Rosengarten gorge with its wealth of flowers, animals and stones is simply breath-takingly beautiful.

Tunnel in der Rosengartenschlucht Imst

Guided hikes

Do you like to look deeper? The wildly romantic gorge and its wonderful natural phenomena can be experienced most intensively on a guided geological-botanical hike.

  • from May till October 
  • on Monday from 2:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
  • free for guests of the Imst holidays region, €1 for others

Registration in the information office of Imst Tourismus.

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Die Rosengartenschlucht mit Blick ins Gurgltal und Imst


  • Children-friendly hike from Imst through the Rosengarten gorge to Hoch-Imst (Duration: 1 - 1,5 hours)
  • Expect: quaint rest stops, Albin's Play Park, a bathing lake ...
  • Ride down into the valley with the Imster Bergbahnen lifts or the Alpine Coaster 
  • Route back to Imst through the Hachleschlucht gorge, via the Wetterkreuz or by taking the hiking bus 

the force of water


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Natural idyll for people and animals

In addition to curious people, completely unexpected guests seem to stray into the Rosengarten gorge time and again: alpine plant and animals species feel at home there, due to the special conditions on site, although their natural habitat is usually at higher altitudes. If you are lucky, the bright red-coloured wallcreeper, a quite rare bird species, presents itself as welcome committee at the entrance of the gorge.

the blue Grotto

Where once was a medieval mining site, today the Blue Grotto located near Hoch-Imst and the upper end of the Rosengarten gorge, invites to make a detour. As early as 2000 years ago, brave miners searched for argentiferous galena there in Roman times. This is how the Blue Grotto, which is unique in its kind, emerged.

The Rosengarten gorge – Good to know

  • NOT suitable for prams and wheelchairs
  • closed in the winter
  • sturdy boots required
  • altitude difference 250 meters
  • hiking bus from Hoch-Imst back into the valley

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Familie auf Brücke in der Rosengartenschlucht in Imst

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