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Family hiking in HOCH-IMST

The Hoch-Imst area is a particularly rewarding excursion destination when it comes to family-friendly hikes with children of all ages. After the mountain experience, the Alpine Coaster and the Family Park provide for even more action, and the bathing lake for cooling-off.

Pilzpfad (Mushroom path)

Over hill and dale, through woods and meadows and even along a small brook, you can discover all kinds of things on this tour. First and foremost, the huge mushrooms that have been skilfully carved out of tree trunks. Information boards reveal more about these silent forest dwellers. Watch out when the coasters whiz past you!

  • Difficulty: easy
  • Starting point: Hoch-Imst car park (bus stop)
  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Length: 4.2 kilometers
  • Highlights: a detour to the reservoir lake or a jump into the cool water of the bathing lake


Jägersteig PATH

This easy and entertaining but extremely varied hike takes about half an hour from the mid-station next to the Untermarkter Alm. The route’s natural highlight is the wild-romantic Jägersteig path with wooden stairs, a giant rock boulder and a half-open rock dome. Finally, at the Latschenhütte young and old explorers can enjoy the legendary sweet Hüttenschmarrn (shredded pancakes with raisins and sugar). Return along the same route.

  • Difficulty: easy
  • Starting point: mid-station (uphill ride by lift)
  • Duration: approx. 40 minutes each way 
  • Info: the Jägersteig path is not pram-accessible
  • Highlight: the 3.5 km long ride with the world's longest alpine roller coaster back into the valley
Familie mit Kindern wandern Richtung Muttekopf


This family-friendly one-day tour features not only plenty of rest stops, but also offers fantastic panoramic views, wild-romantic nature experiences and last but not least – the crowning reward – a ride on the summer roller coaster.

Die Untermarkter Alm (UAlm-Hütte) im Sommer
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Untermarkter Alm

Known by its fans as the UAlm, the cosy hut with its spacious sun terrace is the perfect place to stop right next to the mid-station and the Alpine Coaster. In addition to the culinary delicacies, the wine list is also very appealing.

Overnight stay possible

Personen sitzen auf der Sonnenterrasse der Latschenhütte
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Traditional, quaint, and simply cosy. In a relaxed atmosphere, landlady Waltraud takes care of the physical well-being of her young and older guests, with a lot of heart and passion. “Hüttenschmarrn” (shredded pancakes with raisins and sugar) and dumplings taste twice as good on the sun terrace!

Wandern auf der Muttekopfhütte in Imst
Muttekopf Hut
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The idyllically situated hut is not only a popular destination for hikers, climbers and mountaineers, this haven of peace also magically attracts gourmets. No wonder: the Tyrolean delicacies and selected wines are guaranteed to be a delight at 1.934 meters.

Overnight stay possible


Mountainbiker kommen bei der Latschenhütte in Imst an

Quaint original in the hands of a woman.

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Untermarkter Alm

Perfect for sun worshippers.

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Imster Bergbahnen Lifts

Float uphill comfortably and conveniently.

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Alpine Coaster

Frau mit Kind auf dem Alpine Coaster in Imst

Not for the feeble-minded!

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Familie schaut vom Sunorama in Imst ins Tal

Relax zone with a view.

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Die Aussichtsplattform Adlerhorst in Hoch-Imst im Sommer

Do you have a good head for heights?

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Latschenturm Tower

Vorbereitung zum Bouldern in Hoch-Imst

A climbers' paradise

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Die Muttekopfhütte in Imst in Tirol im Sommer

Vision meets culinary delights

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The price is right

Are your children particularly difficult to inspire for the next family hike? Then a ride on the Alpine Coaster, the longest and most spectacular Alpine roller coaster in the world, might be just the right motivation! After all, there has to be a reward ...

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Thumbs up

It is rare enough for children and parents to agree on something. However, an excursion to Hoch-Imst is very popular with everyone involved. With so much variety and action, there is guaranteed to be something for every member of the family!

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Alpine Coaster

Lift Prices

(2004 and older)
Youths + Seniors
(2005 – 2007)
(1959 and older)
(2008 – 2017)
(parents + own children born
2005 – 2017)
Uphill or Downhill Ride
UAlm-Bahn or Alpjoch-Bahn € 13,10 € 11,60 € 7,10 € 33,40
UAlm-Bahn and Alpjoch-Bahn € 19,00 € 16,70 € 9,90 € 47,90
Uphill and Downhill Ride
UAlm-Bahn or Alpjoch-Bahn € 19,00 € 16,70 € 9,90 € 47,9
UAlm-Bahn and Alpjoch-Bahn € 28,60 € 25,10 € 14,90 € 72,00
Further Offers
6 days € 88,00 € 71,00 € 44,00 € 220,00
Seasonal Pass € 165,00 € 132,00 € 85,00 € 413,00

Alpine Coaster

(2005 and older)
Children 3-5 years
Children 6-15 years
Alpine Coaster
1 ride € 11,10 € 8,00 € 8,00
3 rides* € 31,70 € 22,90 € 22,90
10 rides* € 100,10 € 72,30 € 72,30
Alpine Coaster + Lift
1 ride € 19,00 € 8,00 € 14,30
3 rides* € 54,20 € 22,90 € 40,60
10 rides* € 171,00 € 72,30 € 128,30

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hiking pass

Hiking, stopping for a rest, coastering and winning is the motto in Hoch-Imst. It is easy to join and great fun.

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