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Alpine Coaster Imst

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open daily from 16 May to 6 October, 10.10. to 3.11. Thu. to Sun.

The Alpine Coaster in Hoch-Imst is more than just a summer toboggan run: The longest Alpine roller coaster in the world surprises with steep curves, fun waves and spectacular jumps. Pure adrenaline! If that's not a worthwhile destination for an excursion in the Tyrol!

Fahrt mit dem Alpine Coaster Sommerrodelbahn

Ready, steady, go!

The new cable car of the Imster Bergbahnen will bring you and your coaster buddies to the mid-station at an altitude of 1.500m in no time. Get out of the gondola and into the coaster. Get ready for

  • waves
  • steep turns
  • jumps with a drop - up to six meters
  • 450° spin
Fahrt mit dem Alpine Coaster im Sommer

HIGHER, FASTER, Alpine Coaster

Are you planning an excursion with some very demanding children in the Tyrol? Then the Alpine Coaster in Imst is the right choice: On the world’s longest alpine roller coaster with a route length of exactly 3.535 meters, pure adventures await young and older coaster heroes. This is as long as it gets!

Mann und Kind fahren mit der Sommerrodelbahn Alpine Coaster in Imst


Route length: 3.535m
Altitude mountain station: 1.500m
Altitude difference: 500m
Highest spot: 10m above the ground
Highlight: 450° spin

Wow-MomentS ON THE Coaster

You can’t wait to get on the coaster (again)? Join us on a virtual journey …


Alpine Coaster

(2005 and older)
Children 3-5 years
Children 6-15 years
Alpine Coaster
1 ride € 11,10 € 8,00 € 8,00
3 rides* € 31,70 € 22,90 € 22,90
10 rides* € 100,10 € 72,30 € 72,30
Alpine Coaster + Lift
1 ride € 19,00 € 8,00 € 14,30
3 rides* € 54,20 € 22,90 € 40,60
10 rides* € 171,00 € 72,30 € 128,30
Familie fährt mit dem Alpine Coaster in Imst ins Tal

Kids On the Coaster

The fingers are tingling already on your uphill ride in our new 10-seater gondola lift. The anticipation is rising, and you may get a little excited too. After all, you will release the brake lever and tackle the world’s longest alpine roller coaster in just a few minutes!

The Alpine Coaster in Imst is not only exciting for the offspring: The action-filled downhill race with the summer coaster is already a great motivator during the family hike to get there. The youngest ones can get on the coaster from three years onwards. At eight years old and with a height of 1.25 meters, parents probably have to ride down on their own: Because then, the young coaster riders are allowed to pilot the coaster on their own and they will certainly ride fast. From 14 years old, a co-pilot can be on board.

Alpine Coaster und Gondeln der Imster Bergbahnen im Sommer

There is a lot to experience around the Alpine Coaster in Hoch-Imst. There is plenty on offer for families, groups or ambitious mountain sports enthusiasts:

Kaiserschmarren in der Latschenhütte in Imst


In the start and finish area of the world’s longest alpine roller coaster, there are numerous huts and restaurants that cater to the needs of hungry coaster kings and queens. Right at the mid-station, the UAlm – a culinary gem – it's perfect to stop and enjoy a break at the large sun terrace. In the valley there are numerous cafés and restaurants to complete an exciting day in a relaxing and enjoyable way.  

Kind isst einen Burger auf der UAlm Hütte in Imst
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Muttekopf Hut
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Alpine Coaster Imst

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