Wow moments on the Alpine Coaster imst

The longest alpine roller coaster in the world is without doubt the highlight of the outdoor holiday region of Hoch-Imst. Whether you spend the day there with the popular book of ten tickets, or combine this fun-filled activity with other sporty activities such as hiking or climbing, for many children, the Alpine Coaster is often the star attraction of a family trip to Hoch-Imst.

There are countless unforgettable moments to be had on this 3.535 m long track.
Here are a few special highlights of the Alpine Coaster:


Get in, buckle up and prepare yourself as you feel the first jerk forwards. You're in for the ride of a lifetime. The traffic light suddenly flickers green... A friendly Alpine Coaster supervisor will check your belt, and run through the motions: Lever forward means full throttle. Pull the lever back to brake, as stated in the safety notice. In this moment, your toboggan moves into pole position. This tingle of excitement is one most Alpine Coaster riders never forget. Coaster newbies ask themselves what to expect. What will it be like? Will it be worth it? Seasoned riders have other things on their mind. They're hoping the track will be free...
Green - and we're off!

the first curve

The ups and downs in the first few seconds are enough for you to make your decision: I'm definitely coming back on here... The first turn comes at a remarkably fast pace. What will happen to the carriage, what about centrifugal force There's a sign telling you to brake. Yes, but when, how strongly?! Well, all you can do now is try it out. Just make sure you keep your distance from the person in front: At least 25 metres, twice as much in wet conditions.
(At this point we'll let all the parents out there into a little secret: Don't panic! The carriages slow down by themselves at a certain speed...)

High altitude euphoria

Over forest trails, little streams and gaping gorges... Once you're over the slopes you can see the rest of the nine-minute ride back down into the valley. Sometimes the little Alpine flowers growing along the sides of the track are close enough to pick, sometimes, there about 6 meters below you!

Alpine Coaster fahren im Herbst

Steeply downhill

To clarify, the 'jumps' with six meter drops just mean the coaster tracks going up and down to simulate the same adrenaline rush and ellicit the same joyful screams.
The average gradient of the drops is 12.6 percent.
40 km/h Maximum speed
13 % Average gradient
3535 meters The world's longest alpine roller coaster

thrill of speed à la longUE

Alpine Coaster Imst

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Natural discovery

You think the Coaster is all about speed? Absolutely not. Those who hurtle down the track at the maximum possible speed of 40km/h are missing out. The tracks lead down a magnificent route from Untermarkter Alm to the bottom station at Hoch-Imst. Along the way, you'll come across mountain pastures, meadows and forest. Tip: Listen out for the sounds of nature during the ride. You're sure to hear water trickling away in some places, birds tittering in others. With a bit of luck you might even hear the majestic calls of a native bird of prey or even... Moo! Who is this nosy onlooker? That's right, you can even spot cows on the way down. Don't worry, they're separated from the Alpine Coaster by the fence.

the goal

Even the longest alpine roller coaster in the world has to end at some point, and for most, it's over too early. So jump back on the chairlift the second you get off and take the next Coaster down! Whether you decide on a fast or a scenic ride, it's bound to be a memorable one.