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Alpine Coaster

Mutter und Kind beim Alpine Coaster fahren im Winter in Hoch-Imst

The world’s longest alpine roller coaster is an unforgettable experience for big and small junkies not only in the summer.  In the winter you can even get on wearing your ski boots!

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UALM Hütte im Winter in Hoch-Imst

Your homebase for skiing, winter hiking, tobogganing and ski mountaineering is the perfect place for recharging for even more winter adventures. 

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Imster Bergbahnen

Skipiste bei der Mittelstation der UAlm-Bahn im Skigebiet Hoch-Imst

With the two new monocable gondolas you float comfortably and conveniently towards the summit. In addition to plenty of space and air, the 10-person cabins also offer a magnificent view.

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Familie beim Essen in der Latschenhütte Imst im Winter

A rest stop at this authentic Tyrolean hut is a must when enjoying your winter adventures at the Imster Bergbahnen lifts.  Be sure to try the spinach dumplings and the “Hüttenschmarrn” (shredded pancakes with raisins and sugar)!

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Kinder beim Skifahren im Funpark im Winter

This is where the little park pros make it big. Box your way through the monster maze, before you can try to conquer your first simple obstacles!

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Skifahren sprint über Jump im Funpark in Hoch-Imst

Right at the Malchbach lift, you will find the Family Line and Beginner Line, two varied practice courses for shredding.

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Familie und Ausblick auf dem SunOrama im Skigebiet Imst

You can take the new gondola to reach the viewing platform or enjoy a nice winter hike to get there. The panoramic view is worth it either way!

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Obermarkter Alm Toboggan Run

Pärchen beim Rodeln im Winter

After a leisurely rest at the Latschenhütte, you can race down into the valley along the 6km-long natural toboggan run. Moonshine tobogganing included.

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Untermarkter Alm Toboggan Run

Familie beim Rodeln im Winter im Skigebiet Imst

The 4km-long natural toboggan run starts at the UAlm and is ideal  to enjoy night tobogganing under floodlights on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Great toboggan fun for the young and old!

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Opferstockweg Trail

Skitourenfahrer bei Vorbereitung

This easy, but scenically impressive tour, is perfect for both ski mountaineering and snowshoeing. Don’t forget to stop  and enjoy it!

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Ursprungweg Trail

Skitourengeher auf dem Tourenweg Ursprung in Hoch-Imst in der Nacht

The trail from Hoch-Imst to the UAlm hut is a stress-free and safe nature experience for beginners and all who prefer a relaxed pace. Special highlight: the tour night on Friday.

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Ice Rink

Eislaufplatz in Hoch-Imst im Winter

Under floodlights and with music, pirouetting is even more fun! Right at the valley station car park; free admission for the whole family.

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Alpjoch Downhill

Skifahrer und Gondel im Winter im Skigebiet Hoch-Imst in Tirol

Here you can show what you can do. Start with an observable red piste, which then leads into the demanding black “Pratz-Bäume” downhill.

Pratz-Bäum Downhill

Familie bei der Pratz-Bäume-Abfahrt mit Blick zur UAlm und zur Mittelstation

Ski pros watch out: The steepest slope in the ski area, the “Pratz-Bäume” downhill has a 60% gradient before it gets to the UAlm hut at the mid-station.

Hoch-Imst Valley Downhill

Kinder auf der Skipiste beim Malbachlift im Skigebiet Imst

This red piste leads across gently rolling slopes and flatter sections to speed up down into the valley. Ready for round two?

Cross-Country Skiing

Langläufer auf einer gespurten Langlaufloipe in der Region Imst

The Hoch-Imst cross-country skiing trail offers snow-reliable 2.5km of cross-country skiing fun on an easy level. Right at the valley station!

Ski Rental & Ski School

Familie bei der Abfahrt Alpjoch mit Gondel im Hintergrund

Without the right equipment or the right instruction, skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing and ski mountaineering are only half the fun. Help yourself!

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Exercise Slope

Tellerlift im Kinderland in Hoch-Imst im Winter

First attempts at skiing on your own or under expert guidance, tobogganing fun for the youngest ones or sunbathing for the grow-ups – there is room for the whole family here!

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Panorama des Skigebiets Hoch-Imst im Winter