23. April 2018

All at once - is this possible?

Compact tours for kids

Hiking, fun and activities all in the one trip... It might seem impossible to fit everything in. Throw in the children's own ideas of what they want to do and the family holiday has the potential to end in chaos! Not in Hoch-Imst. Here, we recommend a few compact tours to keep everyone happy.

Hike through Jägersteig to the Latschenhütte

Start: The starting point for this easy but infinitely diverse hike is right by the halfway station. There, next to the Untermarkter Alm, also lies the starting point of the Alpine Coaster. The longest alpine roller coaster in the world is the trump card for all parents during a family winter break at Hoch-Imst.

Duration: A walk with small children can last up to 40 minutes. Make sure you plan plenty of time to enjoy all the little detours the route has to offer without rushing. As a reward, a delicious plate of Hüttenschmarren (local pancake dish) will be waiting for you at the Latschenhütte.

Highlights: Make sure you take a moment to take in the spectacular scenery over the alpine pastures before heading off - this is the best view you can get. The nature highlight of the route is definitely the Jägersteig (keep right when you see the big eagle and take a left before you get to the bridge). The path opens up into a small, magical clearing in the forest with winding wooden steps, a gigantic boulder and a semi-open dome made from rock just waiting to be explored. In addition to the wild, mysterious Jägersteig, the 3.5km ride back on the world's longest alpine roller coaster never ceases to be a hit.

Room to play: The little stream on the left at the beginning of the trail has always been a firm favourite among little adventurers. On hot days, a little paddle in the stream is highly recommended. There are hours of fun to be had by little ones at the Jägersteig, where trees, rocks and streams take the place of swings and slides to create a giant, natural playground. Even more opportunities to play: The Latschenhütte carousel, the Jägersteig stream, on the meadows surrounding the huts and the Untermarkter Alm... The possibilities are endless.

Good to know:

  • Take the same way back to the starting point or take the alternative route from the Latschenhütte over the meadows just behind towards the stream, past Speicherteich.
  • The Jägersteig is not accessible with a pushchair
  • The Latschenhütte is closed on Mondays.

Other points of interest: A pit-stop at the Untermarkter Alm, Family playground, segway tours, E-Trail taster track, lake for swimming, Tennis courts, Fit 2000 obstacle course, restaurant sun terraces (all based around the bottom station of Hoch-Imst)

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From Alpjoch to the Imster Bergbahnen middle station

Start: The starting point for this route is the Alpjoch - easy to reach from either of the two Imster Bergbahn sections. This route takes you 500 meters up into the mountains, mostly alongside the piste.

Duration: Allow between 50 minutes and 1 hour with small children.

Highlights: The first highlights of this route are right at the beginning: The SunOrama panoramic terrace and Adlerhorst observation deck are an ideal way to get your bearings and take in the spectacular mountain scenery, especially the views into the Gurgltal, the Tschirgant and the Ötztaler Alps. In the comfy wooden sun loungers on the SunOrama, you can charge your batteries ready for the walk back down the mountain. A breathtaking view of the Muttekopf region, punctuated by rugged rock faces, opens up from the Adlerhorst observation deck. And now to get back to the valley from the halfway station: It's time to take the Alpine Coaster. An unforgettable ride back on the summer toboggan run is a sure-fire way to make your excursion a huge success.

Room to play: The alpine meadows, which are used as slopes during the winter time, are perfect for playing group games or just taking some time to have a wander round. Take a left down the little lane before the last steep slope to get to the Malchbach ski tow. The meadows alongside the lift slope gently upwards. Running hand in hand with your family through the meadows is a special experience you'll never forget. Further on, you'll come to a bouncy castle and a large sandpit, as well as a playground just opposite the Untermarkter Alm.

Good to know: This route is quite a sun trap. Perfect for sun seekers but worth bearing in mind if you decide to go with children on the hotter days in summer.

Other points of interest: A pit-stop at the Latschenhütte, the Apline Coaster Imst, Family playground, segway tours, E-Trail taster track, lake for swimming, Tennis courts, Fit 2000 obstacle course, restaurant sun terraces (all based around the bottom station of Hoch-Imst)

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Nuireithrunde Hoch-Imst round trip

Start: Take a north-easterly route from the carpark in Hoch-Imst along the bottom of a large meadow. From here the trail is well signposted and is especially suitable for children who want to go on an adventure of discovery.

Duration: Families with children should allow around 45 minutes for a leisurely walk.

Highlights: This route is particularly diverse: Starting off alongside a meadow, the route turns off down a broad forest pathway (where you'll find a resting point with a bench) then continues on to another forest path with several other places to sit and have a rest. As you cover the last few meters, you can expect to hear a little gasp of excitement... You've guessed it, the Alpine Coaster is waiting to take you on a fun-filled 3.5km ride through the mountains. The smiles on their faces are absolutely priceless.

Room to play: Along this route, the creeks, forests and nature abound entice creative and restless little adventurers to come and explore the uncharted territory. Back at the bottom station, the family park complete with bungy trampoline, quad track and playground awaits.

Good to know: The neureithrunde route is not accessible with a pushchair.

Other points of interest: Alpine Coaster Imst, Family playground, segway tours, E-Trail taster track, lake for swimming, Tennis courts, Fit 2000 obstacle course, restaurant sun terraces (all based around the bottom station of Hoch-Imst)

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All at once – that's possible in Hoch-Imst!