Tasteful in Hoch-Imst

Culinary Hiking

Regional products, high quality and tradition make up the delicacies on offer at the mountain huts of Hoch-Imst. Here is our pick of the best Tyrolean delicacy that you cannot leave without trying.


This sweet Austrian dish, akin to a pancake but served cut into small pieces, is one of the region's most famous dishes. All of the mountain restaurants in Hoch-Imst have Kaiserschmarren on the menu and you can guarantee it will be freshly made and prepared from scratch. One especially popular variety of the dish known as 'Süße Hüttenschmarren' is served at the Latschenhütte. Landlady Mrs Waltraud Nothdurfter prepares this delicacy according to an old, traditional family recipe.


These round dumplings are a well-loved classic in Austria and can also be ordered at any of the restaurants. The Kasknödel or cheese dumplings served at the Muttekopfhütte are a particular favourite, along with a spinach version on the menu at the Untermarkter Alm. If you want to try something a bit different, go for the hearty '3 Guaten' at the Muttekopfhütte. The '3 Guaten' is a mixture of three different types of dumpling, and the best part: There's a different combination on the menu day. Some classics include spinach, mushroom or beetroot dumplings.


It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's something you definitely have to try: This ragout made with various animal entrails is traditionally served with bread dumplings. The Beuschel are made from regional ingredients and served at both the Latschenhütte and the Mutterkopfhütte.

Original East Tyrolian Schlipfkrapfen

The origins of the chef explains the presence of this delicious East Tyrolean speciality on the menu at Muttekopfhütte. Handmade pasta parcels stuffed with potato, garlic and herbs are made with love and extra special care.

Gemütlicher Abend in der Untermarkter Alm Hütte

And a little tipple...

Of course, it wouldn't be a good meal without something to wash it down with. Alongside handmade juices, lemonades, beers and shandies, and local, UV-filtered, decalcified well water, the landlords and ladies of Hoch-Imst all have a generous stock of fine wines. 'There's no such thing as too much enjoyment', is the motto adorning the top of the wine menu at Muttekopfhütte. Standard wines such as Lagrein and Edelvernatsch are available, alongside special wines from Austria and South Tyrol, chosen (and tested) by head chef Andy.

Further recommendations

  • The hearty breakfast buffet on offer at Mutterkopfhütte, including fresh, home-made bread (for staying guests)
  • Wild local game dishes during the Autumn season at Muttekopfhütte
  • The ice cream selection at Untermarkter Alm and their specially made 'UAlm ice coffee'
  • The wonderfully fragrant fresh apple or curd strudel at the Latschenhütte

All landladys and landlords offer high-quality, home produced or local ingredients in their recipes.

Personen bei einer Speckjause auf der Latschenhütte in Imst